Hold on summer wait for me! NOT ha ha why? Because I live in Miami and here the weather is always giving us a great sun and some summer breeze from the ocean making it easy to play a little more with our summer clothing. I took my friends and dressed them up for this photo-shoot showing different outfits that goes along great for the weather. So if you are planning a vacation to FLORIDA or any other hot city pack your luggage with light, colorful but chic outfits that will make you look outstanding with so minimum. Let's start!

1. SUNSCREEN: always add some cream with UV protection. Neutrogena is excellent and always recommended by dermatologists.

2. LIP PALM: Have a lip palm to moisturize your lips.

3. HAIR CLIP: Keep a banana hair clip from scunci which are my favorite because it will make your hair look longer than a regular ponytail or if you prefer a scrunchi or a regular butterfly clip it will always be better then having nothing to pull your hair up from those sweaty moments.

4. SUNGLASSES: Wear them with attitude.

5. HAT: The bigger the better. 5. SUN-IN: Get advantage of the sun and use Sun-In spray to bleach the unwanted dark hair from your head or body. I love to use it for my arms.

6. HYDRATE: Make your tanning moment be much faster by drinking carrot juice. Mix it with some orange for a sweeter taste. Have some watermelon fruit which is made of 90% water or some ice cream to make you happy!

7. MOCHILA: Have a light weight bag like a mochila or a nice tote bag to pack all your necessary items. And last but not least

8. CAMERA: Don't forget to have a camera, I use a Canon Rebel which is my favorite tool and companion in my trips. A snapshot of a sunset is always a must for a future memory.


Hand made mochila from the Guajira, Colombia.

Share your Skittles

I bought this black dress at the beach of Santa Marta, Colombia. Random ladies sell all types of "pareos" or swimsuit cover ups. You can find many colors and types of styles at a low cost!

A red mochila or bag will always have everyone's attention.

Beats Pill Portable Wireless Speaker is my favorite device. It always safes my sunny days with outstanding clarity and amazing sound.


Colombian swim wear is recognized by its excellent quality and modern fits. I have this OndadeMar bathing suit which I love because it has this gorgeous top with a beautiful golden feather that makes our Bohemian look unique. This top is better for smaller chests because it has mild support.

Ray Ban Aviator Blue Flash Lenses. Reflect the sun and be cool!

Mossimo Supple Co. crochet crossbody handbag. You can find it at Target.

These pants are from INDIA! Pure cotton with such a beautiful and colorful pattern. I always think that having a pure hand made piece of cloth from such a magical country brings you admiration towards there culture. I bought them at a trunk show of Guadalupedesign. They bring unique pieces from India, Greece and Europe. Want some similar pants? You can follow them at


YEP the boyfriend jeans are in! They always have to be loose to have the look, otherwise it won't be as funky. I found them at ZARA.

Yellow nailpolish from Sally Hansen.


iPANEMA has all the craziest, most colorful and unique Brazilian flip flops you can imagine. I bought these in orange with an awesome GOLDEN HEART that combines with the majority of my summer outfits. You can check more designs at

This tote bag from the Dumpling Dynasty was a gift that follows me everywhere. The vintage illustration and it's bright colors makes it a unique piece of art. It's created by Fiona Hewitt and Andy Tainton who got inspired by all the details of the vintage Asian packaging design. You can purchase more items of their collection at


Jean shorts are a must in a summer outfit! These I bought them at Victoria Secret.

These black flip flops are great for a fancy look just be stylish with www.Tory



I hope you liked this post! And found it helpful. ENJOY YOUR SUMMER and have FUN! Chao!!

Pictures taken by MONA

Special thanks to:

Saibet Tome & Rocio Ceballos for letting me dress them up and be my models.

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