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60's and 70's style are here to give us the chic look. ROUND & BOLD sunglasses with pastel colors like pinks, yellows, lavenders, aquas, peach colors and a lot of carey is creating a romantic, nostalgic and sexy look to our appearance. Big hats and elaborate victorian necklaces gives us a charming and elegant finish to our outfits. If you don't have some of these accessories than get one now! It will make your girly love come to play :)

photo 11 logo.jpg
IMG_9889 logo.jpg

IMG_9886 logo.jpg
IMG_9723 logo.jpg
IMG_9829 logo.jpg
IMG_9595 logo.jpg
IMG_9697 logo.jpg
IMG_9714 logo.jpg

Pictures taken by MONA

Thanks Marcela Cortazar, Carolina Duplat, Juliana Diaz, Rocio Ceballos, Natalia Villegas & Saibet Tome for being part of this Kookie post!

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