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Californian OMBRE look!

Let your hair flow smooth and delicate, let your bangs grow in order to have them wave down to your chin, that would be a nice length. And to bring movement give it a gradient color from dark to light so it looks more natural.

hair 1.jpg
dye hair colors.jpg

The gradient of colors depends if you are blond, have brown or black hair.

hair 2.jpg

Create wavy hair with a curly iron.

hair 3.jpg

Pull half hair up and tight it up with a pencil or any medium stick. It could be messy or as a bun. I like it messy, because it gives more volume to thin hair like mine.

hair 4.jpg

My favorite when you have a bad hair day or too lazy. Easy, quick and no stress. Cover your head with a bandana or pashmina.

hair 5.jpg

Messy or you can have it in the neat way like a bun!

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