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Have the attitude and "STRIPE THE POSE"

To have a black and white stripe outfit you must have a bit of uniqueness in your personality.

And if you do not have at least one thing in your closet with stripes PLEASE go and get one. Vintage cloth have a lot of stripes and other patterns, but the good thing about being in black and white is that it never goes out of fashion. It gives you elegance and sort of a rock star look. Maria Fernanda and I got the striping going on!!

Just remember:

VERTICAL stripes makes you look thinner and taller.

HORIZONTAL stripes will make you wider.

Kookie mona 6.jpg

Blazer from Toupy and Mari Foiled Paneled Legging from BCBG

kookie mona 5.jpg
kookie mona 4.jpg
kookie mona 3.jpg
kookie mona 2.jpg
kookie mona 1.jpg
kookie mafe 12.jpg
kookie mafe 11.jpg
kookie mafe 9.jpg
kookie mafe 8.jpg
kookie mafe 7.jpg
kookie mafe 5.jpg
kookie mafe 3.jpg
kookie mafe 2.jpg
kookie mafe 1.jpg

Photos taken by MONA

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